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Daniel’s Direct Line:

Daniel R. Earl —> Robert F. Earl —> Lillian M. Beyer —> Mabel M. Macquart —> Agusta F. Macquart —> François Macquart

Mabel May MacQuart - great grandmother

Mabel M. (MacQuart) Knox gravestone

Born: 5 October 1886 in (probably Tehema County) California

Died: 5 January 1919 in Hayward, Alameda County, California

Burial: 8 January 1919 in the Mt. Eden Cemetery, Hayward, Alameda County, California


Father: Augusta “Gus” Francis Macquart

Mother: Jennie “Jane” “Fannie” Knox


Marriage: Mendocino County, California to
Marius Segismund Beyer (1884 - 1952).


Occupation: Homemaker


Children by Marius Segismund Beyer:

1. Lillian Mercedes Beyer (1907 - 1988) m. Leo Lambert Earl

Augusta “Gus” Francis MacQuart, Sr. - great great grandfather

Gus MacQuart gravestone

Born: November 1854 in San Francisco, San Francisco County, California

Died: 10 July 1920 in Mt.Eden (Hayward), Alameda County, California

Burial: July 1920 in the Mt. Eden Cemetery, Hayward, Alameda County, California


Father: François MacQuart

Mother: possibly Angel Alvarez, born in Chile.


Marriage: 2 October 1880, in Tehama County, California to
Jennie “Jane” “Fannie” Knox (1863 - 1929).


Occupation: Waterworks Engineer


Children by Jennie “Jane” “Fannie” Knox:

1. Mercedes “Mercy” MacQuart (1881 - aft. 1920) m. Peter Dannon

2. Ada MacQuart (1883 - 1918) m1 Antone A. Lee (div); m2. Mr. Moris

3. Mabel May MacQuart (1886 - 1919) m. Marius Segismund Beyer

4. August Gustav “Gus” MacQuart (1888 - 1949)

5. Alburn Ernest MacQuart (1890 - 1946) m. Ethel G. Zink

François MacQuart - great great great grandfather

Born: About 1805 - 1808 in France

Died: October 1892, San Francisco, San Fracisco County, California

Burial: 12 October 1892, in the Odd Fellows’ Cemetery, San Francisco, San Francisco County, California; in 1903, his remains were moved to the Greenlawn Cemetery in Colma, San Mateo County, California; on 13 November 1907, he was removed to the crematory.


Marriage: unknown date or place; possibly to
Angel Alvarez.


Occupation: Veterinarian



1. Augusta “Gus” Francis MacQuart (1854 - 1920) m. Jennie “Jane” “Fannie” Knox

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