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Welcome to the genealogy of Daniel R. Earl and his wife, Debra L. Markus.

The families included on this website span over a period of 700 years – from the time of King Edward III of England to the present – and encompass no less than twenty-one generations.

This website is dedicated to Daniel’s great grandaunt, Elma V. (Winslow) Silvear, who with her unrestrained imagination was the “family historian” of her time, as well as the inspiration for this research; and to Debbie’s grandfather, Leon Lewis Paris Strauss, whose exploration into the various branches of his family tree have proved fruitful beyond what he might have ever dreamed.

It was the endeavor and tenacious labors of Elma and Leon, as passed down to current generations, which help preserve our family heritage today.

Elma V. (Winslow) Silvear
Leon Lewis Paris Strauss
Elma V. (Winslow) Silvear 1882 -
Leon Lewis Paris Strauss 1913 -

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